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      Founded in 2018 by Kinnari Patel, we have made it our mission to serve the customers we love with the highest quality and most affordable merchandise.

      From her modest upbringing, Kinnari dreamed of having a wardrobe filled with bright colors and varied styles. She always had an eye for fashion and wanted to share her ideas with women seeking to stand-out and love the clothes they’re in.

      With endless passion, Lilac boutique strives to help our customers dress for their best lives without breaking their bank.

      “When women feel good in what they are wearing, there are no limits to what they can do,” – Kinnari Patel

      We are currently present in the US and ship across the globe and with our ambitions we there’s no slowing down.

      Our Products

      Our outfits set the stage for a successful workday, a party, or those Sunday lounge days. Take your outfit to the next level by adding any of our statement accessories to give yourself some extra flare.

      We want you to look and feel your best no matter what!

      For help creating your personalized wardrobe, please contact our design artist for the latest styles at email us.